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Come, Explore the darkness~
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...My Artwork XD; Obvs...


Meeep! Icons!! Linked icons Black Butler Style by Steam-PunkVixen

~OTP 4EVER~ > : D I am the Black F*cking Beard from the Shipping seven mother F*cking seas of Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero ships!~ U 7 U and I truly may say with all certainty and with the red truth of witches that "This is the best ship from all ships 5ever." hahahaha XD that's just how much I like it. (But I still like more Shoku ¬w¬;)

Now let me drown you with it!! > 7 > Kolkolkolkol

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Duo by SapphireSpirit All the fishy stares by SapphireSpirit

Wedding by SapphireSpirit Hold by SapphireSpirit

Support by SapphireSpirit Because of Bows by SapphireSpirit

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Yaoi, eue with the sexy vampire by SapphireSpirit
The awkward Friends by SapphireSpirit

Mind if we clean? by SapphireSpirit -Miracles are made with vodka- by SapphireSpirit

Nothing to feel shame for :spiritday: by SapphireSpirit

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yaoiyaoiyaoi by SapphireSpirit

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Another ShokuXSasha, WARNING by SapphireSpirit
Shokuxsasha by SapphireSpirit

ShokuXSasha by SapphireSpirit

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To lazy for my clothing by SapphireSpirit

Drunk Shoku? by SapphireSpirit Into those crimson eyes by SapphireSpirit

ShokuxSasha - Fun in the water by AgentKikaeSparkes Couple heart by ncond3

Kawaii Pandas by Steam-PunkVixen

~We are fine as long as we have vodka!~ :icondancingrussiaplz: da?

Second –
:heart: ~True courage lies in the fact that you were moving your broken wings~ :heart:

Hello! I am Sapphire Spirit, otherwise known as Saph. Welcome to my page, honestly, I'm nothing but a crazy bastard that likes drawing, rpying and whatnot, I am recently starting to Cosplay but don't look forward to it because it's taking too long to happen T u T !!....

Anyways I hope my page is of your liking and if it's not then *flips papers* it doesn't matter because this page is for me anyways xD..




Character Thief on G+ be careful

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 8:10 PM

Hello guys! Sapphire Spirit here

So, I was informed that apparently someone over G + (Google Plus for those that aren't familiar, if you have a Gmail you have a Google page too, works similar to Fb in a way) is selling characters of mine over well, her account. This girl, or whatever she is, uploaded this:

All my sonic female fan characters by SapphireSpirit

She claims to have made them and sells them as adoptables, however this person seems to speak spanish (Poor dudette because I actually speak spanish too lol) and really the reason I'm doing this journal is for the people that have doubts. I left a comment on her upload with a link to my page, this is for the people that checked, so now I'll leave a message on Spanish for them.

This is the link to the Thief's page in case you wanted to check for yourself. It seems from what I seen that she stole work from others too, so you might want to have a glance and see if you find something familiar.…;

Hola Chicos de DeviantArt! Soy Sapphire Spirit y vengo con un mensaje pues, al parecer una personita en G+ esta 'vendiendo' adoptables MÍOS en su página de G+

Les dejo este mensaje aquí porque deje un comentario en la página de esta chica, y si alguno de ustedes llegara a visitar mi pagina, les confirmo que SI, fui yo personalmente a poner el comentario en la de ella. Desafortunadamente si fuiste de los que le compró a la vieja esa, lo siento pero te estafaron. Estos personajes son míos, varios de ellos los vendí asi que... No puedes utilizarlos, no son tuyos, te meterás en problemas si los usas. Además les eche una maldición egipcia hahahah, No ya en serio chicos, no roben. Se van a echar encima a toda la comunidad, por su bien no la hagan. Seamos legales hehe.

Y bueno últimamente, gracias a los usuarios que me informaron de esto. Se ve que todavía hay mucha gente atenta en el mundo y eso me hace feliz : D... La verdad chicos que buena onda! Muchas gracias otra vez.

  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: My young Master
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  • Playing: Butlers don't play
  • Eating: Hopefully a soul
  • Drinking: Nothing

Welcome to my page!

My Family!



Best Friend Forever and Ever and Ever and ever.../We're glued basically/Ass

She's my Bestest friend ever! And I'm her mother too hahaha U w U;
This girl right here is the nail to my dirt, we're always together and always plotting stuff so just you dare messing with one of us, we come in a packet of two u w u;...



Girlfriend/Untouchable/Mine, bitch

She's Bae! Bae alert! Don't touch too hot for you ¬w¬
Lelou is my girlfriend, we're official now <3 *puts on cop hat* for that reason assume that if you got a problem with her then you have a problem with me too. There's not much to say here because BAE says it all I guess xD, nobody touchy! Also she's my Wife uvu


Uncle Phaz

Friend/This guy/ Awesome shit

He's one of my only male friends so he's precious and he knows it haha xD
All honestly, I trust this guy, you should too, but then this guy is a friend of mine so I won't let you take him
Good luck finding your own u w u




Another close friend of mine, I've known her for a while now.
We may not share a lot of interests but we still talk a lot, about a lot of other things. She's a good girl and a good friend x3





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