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Okay! So... I'm in need for points but I'm way lazy to make adoptables or commissions XD;;; (I'm to blame I know)

But Yeah I was hoping to get some points! See, my current point status is all blank Zeros so......... ; U ; N'aw

And I have some characters that I honestly never use anymore, therefore I'm willing to sell them for points.......

In between the ones that I want to sell, sonic ones. Definitely. They are the ones I don't use... the very only exceptions are:






Out of those exceptions, everyone else is up for sell!!!! Please take in mind that I'm a bit attached to some of these characters (because man making a character does actually take some effort) but I sincerely, honestly don't use them and I need the points... that's why I'm making this huge give away.

Some of the characters that are up for offers are: 

Amber The hedgehog by SapphireSpirit      Reiko The Echidna by SapphireSpirit  Raiko The Echidna by SapphireSpirit    Renata and Sasha by SapphireSpirit  Renata The echidna by SapphireSpirit Safiro by SapphireSpirit  Godmodding around by SapphireSpirit Comrades by SapphireSpirit  The AXE! by SapphireSpirit  Luka the Fox by SapphireSpirit  Future Crystal by SapphireSpirit   Mero-Ko by SapphireSpirit  Natasha Czatoryska by SapphireSpirit  Echidna Fcs by SapphireSpirit  

Once you adopted, you can take all the pictures with that character if you want. You decide if you want to keep the names and stories IF YOU WANT ONLY. If not you can remove, change and do whatever you please with them I don't care anymore they won't be mine XD;;;;;............ If you want me to take down some art on them once you own them I will.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT OFFERS BELOW 100:points: .... The reason of this is that I'm taking a radical decision here by selling like 90% of my sonic Ocs XD;;;; and that I'm needing quite an amount of points U u U... well no I don't need it let's face it, I just want freaking points cause I'm greedy.

But yes! you can change all you want once you bought, I will take the best offer (blame my greediness) And without anything else to say....... I'm just sorry that I'm doing this, most of you will see selling all of your characters as the very very last option when it comes into getting points, but it's my first option actually (too lazy to do anything) XD;;; but it's still a radical choice.... I guess I reserve my right to feel a bit nostalgic and make them more expensive ; w ;

Sorry in advantage!..... I'll be telling you if you make an offer if I'm taking it or not!.... Thank you very much!!

She Samurai :Hathor: by SapphireSpiritHathor - TAKEN 

Layla and Berkel by SapphireSpiritBerkelium - TAKEN (the one in white)
)Coconut The echidna by SapphireSpiritCoconut - TAKEN
Poke by SapphireSpirit Jockelyn - TAKEN (red one)
  • Mood: Desperate
  • Listening to: ~Russian Lullaby~
  • Drinking: ~Vodka~

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Daphne A. Maciel
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
-----------------------------------Get them all by SapphireSpirit--------------------------------------


True courage lies in the fact that you were moving your broken wings. <3

Some people just keeps waiting for the miracle that will take them to the top of the hill, while I am climbing it.

Nothing can be against itself, something that began the wrong way can't possibly end in a good way. Something that started being a good thing, can't end up being a bad thing.

Everything is relative, my truth, the one I digged along the years, will be different from yours, but that doesn't make it less realistic that the one you have obtained by yourself.

My ideals are dangerous and ambitious, I have a high chance to fail them. I could die in the progress, but either way I wouldn't like to live into a world where my dreams will rest dreams forever.

Don't be afraid to experiment, experimentation is the source of knowledge, and the more you know, the less you're able to understand the world.... That's the hobby I could never get bored with.

..Big wins are made with all of the little fails that preceded them..

Life is like a theater , in a play of villains there has to be someone taking the roll of a hero, if nobody else does I will. But in a play of heroes, someone has to play the villain too.....

I don't believe in true evil. But there's actions that couldn't be forgiven even with all of the pain contained in 7 hells ...77 times 77...

Humankind is the most interesting thing in the world, I wonder whether if I love them, or hate them... Sometimes I want to give them the wings to fly into heaven, then yet sometimes I want them to burn in hell.

I believe we're all the same thing, dispersed into little different containers.

..I can't imagine an only reason that's worth hurting someone else....

Taking a look into another's smile, and knowing that this all is worth the annoyance... If that means that I will be able to see that smile again...

I made a vow to respect everything around me, but I also made the vow to love and protect it. And if you happened to become a menace, it's my responsibility with those things that I love, to get rid of that menace.

I'm certainly disposing to do everything for science, I don't mind the outcomes, big things require big sacrifices, how was I supposed to discover that fire burns without dropping a flower in?

My Family!

:iconkikaethecheetah: -> My Big sestra u Da? Sometimes I'm her mother Russia and she's my cute Italian England too

:iconsteam-punkvixen: -> Another Sestra, I'm her noisy soviet cricket ^u^. She's my admirable Soviet America!

:iconphazonsource26: -> The Uncle Phazz!!! X3 Love you Uncle Phaz! you're soo wise OuO

:iconorrinfox: -> He's a great man with a superhero cape! ;D hahahaha

:iconkayhedgewolf: -> My Big Brother Kay the puppy~ ouo he's a puppy lol

:iconlaunedemon: -> Then Yet another Sister, Slim Shady!~ The awesome... Freaky.... OuO... Thing... LOL I LOVE YOU! Be my Beach~

:iconashhallow: -> My Twin Femrus Emily Anya >W<~~ Ya lebvyu tebya Nyah~

:iconsoulsavage-sketch: -> We're the Crazy pair of pervy Echidnas >XD

:iconclaw-the-wolf: -> My somewhat pervert Brother OuO Hola ke ase?

:iconxxshiver-shivaxx: -> She's my sister, I'm her unwhished brother XD

:iconkawaii-neko16: -> My sexy Sister ;D!!!~

:iconkibbitzer: -> Another Big brother ;W; Your words saved me that day Kibbi

:iconshivilemerald: -> She's a troll w Buckets... LOL OvO

:iconroxasfan200: -> She holds a special part of my heart for herself ^^

:icondemidevilas: -> The Gay Prince ;D

:iconwhacked-muffin: -> Our Whacked Muffin, because Whacked tastes best! ;D

:iconruyeka-san: -> Now back in the family :3

Not all of them belong to the same family, but they're all part of My family... Beside some of them also relate with eachother like ~La Famille~

Into La Famille there's the awesomes Kikae, Lesley, Shade, Wind, Phaz, Fox, Kay, Demi and Muffin with me, all from the same blood ;D

And Also Us Beloved Legionnairs XD

:iconknuxtiger4: -> My Father
:iconmichiwrap: -> My Mother
:iconbawls34: -> The Crazy Uncle
:iconlizardman22: -> Our Pet
:iconlady-tragedy: -> One of the Twin sisters
:iconuncanny-illustrator: -> The other Twin Sister
:iconwebdisaster01: -> My Brother
:icon0-midnightbioshock-0: -> The distant cousin

And I am the Son ;D

:iconsteam-punkvixen: -> America my Husband :iconrusamehugplz: Ya lebvyu Tebvya, da?

:iconkikaethecheetah: -> Our Son England :iconsnugplz: Nobody touch!

:iconwindclimber-9: -> Our baby Canada :iconslowhugplz: our sweet-heart <3

:iconuniversual-light001: -> Our adopted Son :iconyuihugplz: welcome to the family!

:iconclaw-the-wolf: -> The furniture :iconbeatoplz:

:iconlaunedemon: -> My yet other daughter lol :iconawwtearsplz: One does not simply stop having children

:iconsnowdrop246: -> Our recently new acquisition, the new baby :iconslowhugplz: da~

Well Nobody can touch any member of my family anyway, da? :iconscaryrussiaplz: Don't do it

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Thanks for the favorite!!
lizardman22 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave, saph
Reanimated-Casualty Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna point commission you so hard :U
MiddletonCounty Feb 23, 2014   Digital Artist
Great equalizer is the death!
SapphireSpirit Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Die the DEATH!

Sentence to DEATH!!

Great Equalizer is the DEATH!!!

PhazonSource26 Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy B-day Daphne!
SapphireSpirit Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Uncle Phaz!!~ XD
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