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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 11:43 AM

Hello dears (( Hehe Deeaaaaars :iconreindeerla: ))

The reason for this journal is... My kitty has been sick for a couple days, we already got him to the vet but I have trust issues with vets x _ x;;;. I still do what he told me to but honestly it seemed like the guy had never seen a cat in his life : I.... it was one of those dog-centered vets that are everywhere in here ugh...

Anyways... William came with a strong abdominal ache a couple days ago, strangely enough it happened at night around 7.. I had literally seen him be just fine about half an hour before when I gave him food and he ate it normally, left, was out of my sight a while, then next thing I know he's flopped and meowing loudly in the floor. He refused to move and it seemed like his stomach hurt. I touched him trying to find if it was hard or abnormally big somewhere specific. I didn't find anything weird besides the fact it hurt a lot for William.

I waited with him awake all night and had him into observation from 7:00 pm to 6:30 am.
During the night he didn't meow anymore, he was still flopped and constantly changing position because he didn't feel comfortable. He hid into a box (that I brought to my room so I could still watch him over night) and was there most time until at some point he finally crawled out to come and curl into my legs while I was here. He was attempting to sleep, he did little by little, constantly shifting. He finally fell asleep peacefully for a long while around 5 and didn't wake up again for what I know until 6:30 when I finally got to sleep.

Next day he vomited around 8:00 am but I wasn't there and dad cleaned it all, I didn't get to see if the vomit was normal looking or anything. That was yesterday, he seemed to be better, stopped shifting and meowing. But slept most of the day, we didn't worry much since it seemed he was okay but I noticed he wasn't eating nor drinking. He also was slobbering a lot, waaaay too much. So after my dad procrastinated for about 3/4 of the day ¬¬.... We finally got him to the vet around 5 pm. The vet saw him, touched his stomach, asked us.... NYEH he didn't know what happened. He only told us to give him something for stomach ache and feed him bland food. And to take him back on Monday. He didn't eat for the rest of the day but I thought that was fine because he was only recovering from the night before. 

Now he still isn't eating nor drinking, I have no idea if he's used the litterbox. Our other cat is just fine but William refuses to eat at all, he doesn't react when I pet him and just sleeps all day. I have been forcing little amounts of water and baby food on him (chicken baby food, the vet said it was fine and the internet agrees). I'm scared he could get dehydrated because it's very hot in here, also that he will get anemia from not eating. 

Please anyone that knows something, I need advise I really do. I looked internet and it's just as helpless as the vet himself.
If anyone has a cat or knows something about these symptoms please leave a comment. I need to know what could be wrong.

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I drew this awhile ago, only till now did i get to coloring and fixing it.
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Wow Web! Looks amazing thanks!
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No problem saph. Really glad you like it, ill be uploading it soon.
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Hey Liz, doing good you? : D
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Im doing ok, saph
A bit of news, I saw a live action black butler on dvd in the shops today…
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