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...My Artwork XD; Obvs...
I was tagged by AgentKikaeSparkes
Choose six of your Ocs

1.- Sasha Frinovskii  Sasha F. Dratshev by SapphireSpirit

2.- Yuri Blackblood Blood by SapphireSpirit

3.- Asmodeus Behemoth Asmodeus by SapphireSpirit

4.- Florian Chrysanthemum Flo-chan by SapphireSpirit

5.- Victor Bailey Pirates by SapphireSpirit  (The blonde one)

6.- Steffan Lockhart V. Cross by SapphireSpirit (Black haired one)

1.) 2, 4 and 6 are watching T.V. together.  What are they watching?  Do they fight for the remote?

Yuri: ....His wife killed him, it's obvious *ready to switch channel* :iconboredmanjoumeplz:

Florian: Tch... Actually the neighbor is very suspicious, not only was he the last one to see him but he also was the one to tell the police, the wife is way too suspicious to be the murdered, he probably knew this and used her as a scapegoat. :iconbisha-thinkplz:

Yuri: ...You have quite an inquisitive mind for a human child your age.. :iconsaber-hmplz:

Florian: ..!? :iconhmph-plz: A human child huh?... I may look like a child but I'm nothing like one :iconbernteaplz:

Steffan: antifreeze is such a cliché and inefficient way to kill someone, rat poison could have done the trick and seem much less suspicious :iconjapansighplz:

Yuri: ....

Florian: ....

Steffan: ....

Steffan: It's not like I would know about it. :iconkhehplz:

2.) 1, 3 and 5 are all locked in a closet together!  How did they get in there?  What do they do to pass the time until they are rescued?

Sasha: *kicks, pushes* I don't have enough space!.... My hair's on my face!... Asmodeus move your fat ass! :iconenepout-plz:

Asmodeus: I can't really move Sir, these closets are half the size I'm used to :iconsatoshipoutplz:

Victor: That's what she said :icongermanyeyebrowsplz:

Asmodeus: ....

Victor: No? :icontokiyasurprisedplz:

Asmodeus: ....I'm joking, that's exactly what she said, Ksh~ :iconsatoshismirkplz:

Victor: Oh la la~ :iconkakinesmirkplz:

Sasha: Shooooooku!!

3.) 1, 4, and 6 face the Zombie Apocalypse! How did that happen?  How will they survive?   

Sasha & Florian: :iconscaredhugplz: Heeeeeeelp!!! *sitting on top of a building*

Steffan: Just another day in the life of furniture :iconcool-ritsuplz: 

*Music intro*

Kicking Zombies!

Steffan: Like FURNITURE :iconhoukikickichikaisplz:

Gather supplies!

Steffan: Like FURNITURE! :iconturn-nomplz:

Save the Master!

Steffan: Like FURNITURE! :icontakehomeplz:


4.) Time Anomaly!  All the characters have turned back into little children!  How do they cope with it?

Sasha: Nyeeeet! Now I can't date Shoku! :iconyuicry3plz: I'm going to get babysitted by him insteaaaad *wail*

Yuri: :iconkanamemadokasleepplz: Wake me up when I'm an adult...

Asmodeus: :iconkilluasighplz: *sigh* This is going to make my work twice as difficult now.. And I'm hungry

Florian: :iconsorayabitchplz: See how it feels..? Bitch

Victor: What are Y'all complaining at? Kids don't work  :iconenegrinplz:

Steffan: :iconusmileplz: My clothes are big but... Maybe now I can be cute like Co-chan

5.)  Flash forward to College days!  1, 3, and 5 walk into their class (class choice is whatever you want) but it's full except for 3 seats right next to each other.  Do they take the seats?  Or do they drop the class?

Sasha: *walks in and sits beside the window so he can space out the whole class* :iconmiothinkplz: I wonder what Shoku's doing...

Asmodeus: *sits beside and focuses on the class*

Victor: *skips for the hell of it* :iconkonataplz2: To the Pirate ship!!

6.) All characters go to a random dinner party!  How does it go?

Sasha: *poking food* :iconkiritohmmplz: There's no one here I like..

Yuri: *far into a dark corner* Did I really give up 3 hours of pleasant sleep for this? :iconorekihmmplz: Tch..

Asmodeus: I host parties of much higher quality but this one isn't that bad... *drinks some wine* ..I may even say I like this place. It's nice to sit around and enjoy myself for once :iconkiritosipplz: *drinks more* Ksh~... This beverage is funny

Florian: *observing everyone* ....:icondorianglareplz: *quickly grabs phone and dials Basil's number* 

Victor: :iconyokoapplenomplz: *munch munch* :iconfoodrip-nomplz: *nom nom* :iconshizukunomplz: *crunch crunch crunch* :iconyuidrinkplz: *sip*

Steffan: *sits still, awkwardly* :iconanahuhplz: ......

Asmodeus: Ksh hehehehhe~ :iconasunapfftplz: The....There once was a timeee...When I waz at thy hall, Kshhh..! And.. god I forgot it :iconasunalaughplz: but it was something nice *drinks* ......So.. Where was I?

Sasha: :iconorekipout-plz: You're drunk..!

Asmodeus: :iconmanakapoutplz: Shsh! I'm Asmodeus....! I don't kno thiz Druuunk you talking'bout.. Tch

Sasha: .... That's it I'm calling Shoku :iconhepoutplz:

Asmodeus: :iconmisakideskplz:

7.) Character 5 wakes up to discover he/she turned into the opposite gender!  How will he/she react to this?  How will 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 react?

Victor: :iconsexycombsplz: Mate, I feel like a woman

Sasha: :iconasunaheheplz: I guess Arthur will top now

Victor: asjdioajdoaisdjsoadjio--

Yuri: :iconyuisleepplz: *No fucks were given that day*

Asmodeus: :iconkonatadeadplz: My head is killing me, I also only have eyes for one woman

Florian: Eh, well I guess it's okay..? :iconazusaehhplz: I have never went that way so I wouldn't kno-:icontsundereblushplz:-wait! No I didn't mean it like it sounded! :iconasakoblush2plz:

Steffan: :iconorekipoutplz: Doesn't quite compare to my Co-chan

Victor: :icontakanepoutplz: You guys don't appreciate true beauty

8.) Crossing boundaries!  All of your OC's end up in your (the creator's) house!  What do you (the creator) do about this? 

I give them chores and I lay around all day watching them do :iconlazyariannaplz:

9.) 4 pauses in front of a door and hear a conversation between 5 and 6.  What is the conversation about?  How does Character 4 react to it?

Florian: *about to walk into room but hears talking so stops* :iconshintarohuhplz: what's going on...

Victor: How... You are so fast...and..You have such an inhuman strength..Your skin is so pale.. I know what you are :iconrinstare-plz:

Steffan: :iconrin-turnplz: Say it..! Say it out loud. :iconthantos-smirkplz:

Victor: :iconmarystareplz: .................................... Alien!

Steffan: ... 

Victor: ...

Steffan: ....A demon stupid! I'm a demon! :iconangrybuseyplz:

Florian: *walks off* :iconimsodoneplz:

10.)  3 and 4 play a practical joke on 1.  What do they do?  Do they succeed?  

Asmodeus: *laying still on the bath tube* :icondeadbodyplz:

Sasha: *walks in, sees* .... Asmodeus what the hell :iconyuihuhplz:... Move off the way I need to shower

Florian: *slams door open* Boo :iconasunaknifeflipplz:

Sasha: ..... You, get out of my house. *turns* Asmodeus, get up and make go make dinner :iconcomprehensionplz:

Florian: Psh, he didn't fall for it. I told you it was stupid. :iconorekigehplz:

Asmodeus: *sits up* You two don't have a sense of humour :iconpoutingromanoplz:

11.) All the characters get trapped in an underground tunnel!  Do they team up to try and escape or try to figure out how to get out on their own?

Sasha: Uhmmmm we can.. uh, we can dig all the way up. It will eventually lead us out *rubs chin* :iconchitandathinkplz:

Yuri: I'm thirsty.... :iconredpandaflopplz:

Asmodeus: Sir, if you asked me I could easily lead us out *smirk smirk* :iconkanosmirk3plz: A situation like this doesn't trouble someone like me.

Florian: I'll just tell Basil to get me out of here *walks off*

Victor: Yes!... Sasha, make Asmodeus carry all of us out so we don't have to move :iconehhhhplz:

Steffan: *left long ago*

12.) 2, 4, 5, and 6 end up in the hospital!  What happened to get them in there?! 

Yuri: :iconinternalinjuryplz: I hate the sun... Tch! *wince*

Florian: .....:iconsickplz: Achoo! .... *sniff* Basil!... *sniff* I wanna go home now!

Victor: *is actually just there to flirt with nurses* <<;;; *pretends to be Florian's older brother*

Steffan: :iconromanosleepingplz: ...Everything hurts...

Yuri: *peeks* I told you it was holy water.

Steffan: *turns around* I told you it was sunny outside...

Florian: .... I told you 2 to shut up

13.) 3 and 1 go to visit 2, 4, 5, and 6 in the hospital.  Why? And how does the visit go?

Asmodeus: *opens the door to the dorm* Good evening sick beings, I brought you some tea and sweets Ksh~

Florian: I waaaaant... *reach*

Sasha: ..huh? Shoku's not here :iconorekigehplz: you lied to get me here.

Asmodeus: ... I didn't want to come alone, beside, your brother in law is here isn't he?

Sasha: That's just Yuri, we're not related. Shoku is. 

Yuri: :iconhak-tongueplz: Uuughhh, I won't eat unless it's blood. I also don't want visits unless it's Sho.

14.) 4 and 2 become curious and sneak into 5's room when he/she's away.  What do they find?

Florian: :iconlenpleasegoonplz: Let's see what's in the pirate's room *walks in*

Yuri: *already in there* !!!

Florian: --!?

Yuri: Shhhh *signals to approach*

Florian: ...? *walks over*

Yuri: Look..... *shows*

Florian: It's just a box?

Yuri: No... This box contains... Victor and Arthur's embarrassing Christmas photo :iconasakohehplz:

Florian: !!!!

*they open the box*

Victor: *peacefully walking through the corridor*


Victor: ....the hell? :iconasunaehhplz: *looks towards room* :iconyatoeyesplz:........ HOLY SHIT!!! Could it be!? They found--!!
:iconshintarogaspplz: *runs inside* You Bastards!!!

15.) All OC's are playing Smash Bros Brawl.  What characters do they play as?


16.) 3 gains supernatural power!  What is the power and how do they use it?

Asmodeus: I gained the power to be sexually appealing to everyone-- No wait, I was born like that:iconkakinesmirkplz: Ksh~

17.) It's the Holidays and everyone has a gift under a tree!  What did they get?

Sasha: Vodka~ and a new jacket *snuggles happily* :iconbelcuteplz: So warm~!

Yuri: *opens gift* :iconcherenblush3plz: I don't usually get presents. *looks into box* :iconritsublushplz: Oh, I think I know who's this from... <3

Asmodeus: *showing off new shoeshe bought for himself* <33

Florian: *squishing into big bear plush* :iconmoemisakiplz: ... It's not like I'm enjoying it or something, I'm testing it's quality.

Victor: I got money... I Probably should invite my mate to dinner with it :iconshintarosmirk2plz:

Steffan: *Doesn't really celebrate Christmas* :iconyukineblushplz: What's everyone so excited for today?

18.) 5 and 1 get handcuffed together for an entire 24 hours.  What happens?  Do they even last that long? 

Victor: ....

Sasha: ...

Victor: ...

Sasha: ... We play tag?

Victor: Ok *tags*

Sasha: .... *tags*

Victor: Yeah no, this isn't going to work.

19. All you characters would like to take a moment to say their thoughts about this meme.

Sasha: I wasn't thinking at all during this meme, does that count as a thought? :iconkidoblush2plz:

Yuri: I should have been sleeping, now it's night time and I can't sleep :iconyatogrumpyplz:

Asmodeus: It was a pleasant test Milady/Sir ... I am a busy man tho, so I can't stay much longer. :iconaibowplz:

Florian: A complete and irrelevant waste of time, but I at least got my mind off paperwork. :iconbernkastelplz:

Victor: It was fun, I mean... I got to eat and drink, so it was actually nice hah! :iconkanogrin3plz:

Steffan: It's close to tea time and I'm in a rush, I'm glad I'm done. :iconerunotamusedplz: but I still have to do other things...


(Kikae Already did this so I won't tag her xD)

I dunno, whoever wants to do it xD;
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