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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 8:14 AM


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
So I haven't made a journal for a good while, and I'm going to make this to update all of you that still read these xD haha.... Anyways, let me tell you about the happenings of last week..

  FullSizeRender (26) by SapphireSpirit William

First of all, my cat William (the one from the photo above) went out the night of Monday around 19:00 hours. He often does this, now, IT DOESN'T MEAN I AGREE HE DOES ¬¬... But he's in that difficult age and is a rebel with a child's heart (and he learnt the art of opening windows) , normally he'd come back around 3 in the morning, hour at which I'm awake for reasons that don't need to be mentioned. (Practically I live by England's time zone now U w U; ) But by 10:00 am on Tuesday he was still not here, this had happened once before and he came back eventually so I waited calmly. 

He didn't come back for the rest of the day, in fact, he didn't come back at all. We began searching the area, mom and dad trying to convince me that he probably just was messing about because cats often do that. We spoke with neighbors from our Colony and the colonies around, but we couldn't find the cat. Next thing we knew about him was until Sunday when one of our neighbors called the Colony's guard because she found a couple cats stuck on a tree that was behind her house, into a club. According to what she said, she had seen the cats there 2 days ago, a white one and a black one, she had to leave the house for two days due to her daughter whom had to get surgery for one of her legs. She didn't worry back then because cats often find their way around those situations, but she worried when she came back to realize that the black cat was still there. She told the Guard, and the guard told us, we went to take a look and to our surprise and relief it was William whom had gotten stuck there. 

We tried to retrieve him with help from the Guard and the gardener that work here, they're lovely people by the way. But the tree was too tall, we couldn't reach it with a 12 m ladder that they had around since one of the houses from this Colony is up for sale and the ladder is there so they can climb the roof (this is a 2 stores house we talk about). The cat was still way too high, we needed a ladder over the ladder we had to be able to get close to him. There was no way around it, we called the firemen but since it was Sunday and Elections day (William you have such sucky luck) they said they couldn't come right away because they were busy. I was waiting until around 5 or 6 pm when they finally shown up and then it was still almost an hour until we could get William off the tree.

My poor kitty was thin like a stick when I was able to hold him again, but he ate and now he's gained back all the pounds he had lost. That's the quick story part, but there's a key event that I didn't tell you about yet, while William was nowhere to be found I got somewhat depressed and so did my other kitty Benito. My mother and father noticed, and like me, they didn't know if William would be back. Casually dad found out that someone on his company had kittens up for adoption, 3 young ladies that were already vaccinated and ready to be given away.

Untitled by SapphireSpirit Benito

To be honest when dad first sent me the advert I felt quite offended because I don't think a cat can replace another. Certainly I'm a person that would never reject the chance to have another cat, even if I had over 30 already, but the fact that he sent me that in the situation I was felt harsh. Regardless, like I said, I can never reject a cat.  As days kept passing and William wasn't yet seen we all discussed adopting a kitten, mom said that Benito and I were getting very bad and we needed to focus on something else while William decided to come back. I agreed that another kitten wouldn't be a bad idea, not to replace William, but because I always want new kittens,  kittens aren't many, and you know what they say, where you can fit 2, you can fit 3... Or at least that's what I say <<;

And where you can fit 3 there's always room for 4 but that comes later...

Anyways, at the end of the day dad scheduled a meeting with the lady that had the kittens for adoption on Saturday, the meet was given on Wednesday since the owner was too busy during the weekend. Then as you already know we found William on Sunday, to my mother's misfortune. As much as she insisted on leaving the kitten subject alone since William was back after all, we had already made the meeting and it was rude not to attend. She talked to me about having the kitten a couple times and decided to 'not get involved' but that I had to be responsible for it. (She wanted a kitten too really ¬w¬ ) 

Untitled by SapphireSpirit Yuyi or Biscuit (not sure yet) (also thanks to :iconagentkikaesparkes: for the name idea <3)

Yesterday we went to get the kitten finally, there were 3 up for grabs, 2 yellow tabbies and a white one but the white was taken when we got there. We chose this one because it was more playful and dad connected with her easily, although on the way back she was very nervous and hid under my shirt.  ( And scratched everywhere but we don't talk about that).

So that's pretty much what's been important this week for me, needless to say her arrival has me over the edge of excitement since I had been wanting a kitten for a long time <3. William received her very well, he seriously is the cutest cat ever, he didn't hiss or snarl at her he just was like 'Oh Hey there :eyes:' and they've been playing a lot. Benito on the other hand will need more time, he's not a very trusty cat but he's adorable nonetheless and I'm sure as soon as he's confident of her they'll all be great friends. 

All of them are well adjusted to living here already, she's used the box and ate from the same plate as my other 2 sons now, there's just for her and Benito to get along so we can be finally completely settle but that will take a couple days and I'm fine with that. 

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