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Shit I forgot to say

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 11:20 PM

Hello good evening, the ass demon here
So I'm going to make a journal now that I have a small break

(I don't have one but I made one because I need one)
Anyways, the point is I haven't got time to really get on here these days, so if you have talked to me or seen me iddle, this is the reason why...

I'm an ass......

Now seriously though, I am an ass but that's not the reason... The real reason is some sibling came all the way from hell to see me, and well, we are their tourist guides even though we don't really know this city..meep
(we've been confined to this house ever since we came haha)

So I'm not here all day because they have plans and we're going to these small towns far from here like... hours away from us and it takes us all day to get there and come back so I'm not here from 8 to like 9 ??? that's 8:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M. and I miss all of my friends here because of that....

I haven't said anything because it began Tuesday afternoon, we left for the airport in a hurry cause mom took way too long to get ready and since then I have been spending time with my siblings, away from the internet. So I couldn't really come here and leave a note

( except to those I have on skype )

Now.. since I made my break longer (because I can... well I can't but fuck it I'm a demon and I do as I please because I'm evil as hell)

To keep you all tuned... all I have done is.... get up early in the morning, panic until we're all ready and leave, eat a looooot of stuff wherever restaurant we go to, then walk walk walk walk walk walk...... and walk. All around the city T u T..... and.. that's it.. then come home super tired, see my house made a mess and my cats getting neglected as well as my friends. U . U

The reason I have a rush to come here is because I care for you guys, I actually care and from the moment I wake up and go to bed I keep thinking "Didn't talk to them, didn't see them, didn't tell them I was here, didn't spend time with them... They're going to be upset, I miss them, I'm neglecting, I'm here being a bitch eating lots of thing and abandoning them" that's what's on my head all freaking time ; u ;... and I want to leave this here as a.... "I care" ... because I do! I really do!.... even if I have like abandoned you all out of nowhere ( the thought kills me ) I care and I hate it... to leave. I hate to leave, I hate to miss you, I hate not having time for someone that is this important for me....I hate missing the stuff you all do, missing the good and bad stuff. 

I also feel guilty because my siblings do a lot for me and I appreciate them coming all the way here to see us and most of all they're paying our food too, and they brought presents... so it feels ungrateful to be unhappy while spending time with them... at same time I feel bad for feeling happy around them when I'm basically abandoning everyone here... so I don't feel happy with this, one or another way. I still smile, I still laugh.. but happy? No I'm not really, I'm uncomfortable.

Hopefully this will end this sunday, early in the morning my siblings will take a flight and I'll be back as normal in here from sun to sun all over again <33...

So this is a note.. to say... I miss you, I love you, I want to be there with you.. I neglected my cats and feel terrible, I don't want to miss the things you do, I want to talk to you, I want to hear from you, I want to have fun around you, I seen a scary Gabriel angel statue at some museum and he was muscly.. and the last note is that the note before this note is just a random memory that just came to my mind. 

So with anything else left to say I'll say ; u ;.....

Please Forgive me for my absence!  

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