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I was tagged by an English lady ¬ w ¬;;;; meaning, the Lord Sparkes U u U Psht

*Copy this into your Meme..

-Choose 10 of your OC's
-Answer the questions
-Then tag 3 people

1. Asmodeus
2. Yuri
3. Azazel
4. Requiem
5. Executioner
6. Florian
7. Basil
8. Roosevelt
9. Sasha
10. Victor

1.) 3, 7, 4, and 9 go ice skating. What happens?

Azazel: *goes ice skating but everyone else leaves the place as he walks in* ...? My, my... everyone seems in a rush, I wonder why *innocent head tilt* :iconsuihmplz:

Basil: *sighs* It's because of your head....*groan* why do you even have to wear that Sir? :iconkiritohmmplz:

Requiem: *lifts up scythe* I'll fix that! :iconbeatoplz:

Sasha: Meeep! :iconenglandomgplz: I-I don't want to be with these freaks!!!! SHOKU!!!

2.) Its Christmas!!! 5 throws a christmas party and invites three people of choice. Who does he/she invite? What happens?

Executioner: *throws a Christmas party at....... the mortuary???* :iconpiterrapefaceplz: Good now all we need is music~

-Everyone else stares while he turns on the music- ..............

-Music comes on-
:iconmusicnotesplz:~~Dead, dead, dead... Someday you'll be dead... Dead dead dead, Someday we're all be dead
          The minute we're born we start dying, we die a little more everyday
            Young or old, Rich or pour there's nothing we can do to stop it
      So look long at that christmas tree, it may be the last one that you'll see
                      Decorate your house on green and red cause someday you'll be dead~~~:iconmusicnotesplz:

Florian: Basil I want to go home now. :iconcomprehensionplz:

Executioner: Miiii~ .....:iconmakasmileplz: But the party is just starting, did any of you want a cookie?

Sasha: :iconthehororplz: I don't want to die!

Basil: I'm afraid we can't leave Sir :iconshintaroughplz:.......

Roosevelt: *outside the Mortuary awaiting* :iconsadwindowcreepernplz: *heavy breathing* Ba-chan--

Basil: I in fact think it's a good idea to stay here forever :iconasunaheheplz:

Florian: :icondorianglareplz: what. No, I don't want to stay here! Basil! Take me out already!

Executioner: Oh don't worry, everyone returns to this place someday--

Basil: It's not because I want to stay inside, it's because I don't want to go out :iconnanoeeehniplz:

Yuri: I just wanted to buy a new coffin to sleep in :iconmisakinotamusedplz:

Azazel: ??? *peeks over from outside a jar* I can give you one in exchange for your sou---

Yuri: NO :iconaloisisnotamusedplz:

3.) 6 catches 2 dancing/singing to the 'spice girls'. What's 6's reaction?

Florian: *walks back into his Mansion after a long day* ...... :iconsatoshisighplz: Hah... Micah, Connor, Gunther I'm back why are you not at the doo----- :iconwattheplz: W-WHA!?

Yuri: *in the living room with the Karaoke* :iconwtfmustacheplz: T-this is not what it looks like!

Connor: M-Master you are home early!! :iconawkwardplz:

Noah: :icondrinkputdownplz: Oh hey there Kiddo

Florian: Everyone out of my house!! :iconenglandisshockedplz:

4.) 1 and 10 are stuck in a janitor's closet. How the crap did they get in there?

Asmodeus: So.......Sir, Did you want some tea? 

Victor: Guess there's no candy then :iconnorwaypokerfaceplz:

Asmodeus: No candy nor souls... But there was the Janit--

Victor: Don't even remind me!--- :iconwtfeddplz:

5.) 4 confesses his/her love for 8. What happens?

Requiem: :iconblushingmizoreplz: I looooooove you

Roosevelt: :iconblushblinkplz: what!? 

Requiem: :iconritsublushplz: Ba-chan's never going to love you, but now at least you have me

Roosevelt: :iconcuteblushliechplz: That's so romantic!!! :icontears-plz: Hug me!

*both of them* :iconslowhugplz:

Basil: Thank god!! :iconsighingedwardplz:

6.) 3 walks in to see 6 and 7 making out in 3's closet.. What is their reactions?

Azazel: *whistling comes back to his room to open his closet because people totally walk into their rooms just to open closets <-- LEGIT!* :iconyoyowhistleplz: Oh yay whistle sounds~~

*Strange noise comes from the closet*

Azazel: ???? *pushes it open* :iconwattheplz: GAH!!!

Florian: *turns around* :iconiggyisblushingplz: huh!?

Basil: *looks up* :iconcherenblush6plz: 

Azazel: :iconkhehplz: Should I just..........

Basil: :iconrawrblushplz: Could you???

Azazel: :icongermanblushplz: Y-yeah I suppose uhm.... *starts back stepping* eh.. Have fun I guess

7.) 9 and 5 have an argument that soon turns into a fist fight. How did it start? And How does 2 try to break it up?

Sasha: Nyet!!

Executioner: C'mon just one *offers cookie*

Sasha: Eat it yourself!!!

Executioner: *grins*

Sasha: :icondorianglareplz:... Alright now I'm fucking pissed! *ready to attack*

Yuri: *randomly rises in between them* :iconrina-pout-plz: Sorry for interrupting but I'm still hoping to buy that coffin tonight  

8.)  6 and 7 are getting married! But 8 is in love with 7. What does 8 do?

(OMG hahahah!! This just-- XD! ))

Florian: What!? Why!? :iconwhattheheckplz: How did I end up i---!?!?

Basil: :icongermanyeyebrowsplz: Together forever and ever and ever

Florian: :iconwthenglandplz: That's not part of t--

Basil: Yes it is :iconkanosmirk1plz:

Florian: ---

Basil: No no, before you even say anything... Yesterday night you said :iconibarahmphplz: Ba-chan! Not until marriage!... In my family we respect old traditions bla bla marriage comes first! So here we are at your request

Florian: :iconromanorapedfaceplz: I didn't mean it that way!!

Basil: Oh?... Then I must have understood wrong. :iconcherenblush3plz: B-but We can't let this go to waste though, I prepared a whole reception :iconjapansighplz:

Roosevelt: *out of nowhere* :iconmanholefranceplz: I can fix that!~

Florian: This must be somekind of other dimension I swe--- OMG DID THAT JUST COME OUT OF THE FLOOR!?:iconwattheplz:

Roosevelt: Uhmmmm!!!~ :iconfrenchsquealplz: Nnyeeeeehh! No wedding shall go to waste My Ba-chan!! <3 --:iconkanakorapefaceplz: Because now that I'm here~ I'll gladly, gladly ---

Basil: :iconrinwaitnoplz: No! No! no! Stay away from me! Go to hell--- No wait!!! we don't want you there, Stand back!! Go away!

Roosevelt: Nyaaaah Oh Ba-chan! <33 I'M TAKING YOU HOME!! :icontakehomeplz: 

Mort: *peeks out of nowhere* :iconshoutingjapanplz: Mr. Bloodworth-san! It is terminally forbidden to take demons into the HQ!!

9.) You hear a knock on your door. You open it to see every one of your OC's bursting in to your home. What do you do?

Invite them all over and have a rave party!!! :icondatassbroplz:


10.) 2 admits to you that he/she killed 9. What do you do?

Yuri: Hey eh.....

Yeah? :iconkanosmile2plz:

Yuri: ... I just wanted to tell you.. uhm... I got kinda hungry so... Yeah.

What? :iconharuhuhplz:

Yuri: I kinda .... killed Sasha.

:iconhmm-huhplz: Oh.... really?.............................:iconenglandisshockedplz: Son of a bitch! *goes get scythe*

Yuri: :iconenglandfreakoutplz: It was an accident I swear!! *sprints off* :icontaerunplz: ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit--

*follows* YURI FURLONG!!! Come back here Bastard someone's taking a sun bath!! :iconichigorunplz:

11.)  Everyone gathers for movie night. What movie do they watch and what goes on?

*everyone sitting on the livingroom*

Azazel: Well since it was my turn to choose the movie *puts play* Well!~ there it is *goes back to sit*

Victor: Damn I wish Arthur could be here to watch too

Sasha: why?

Victor: We're just good mates Y'know? 

Azazel: Shh! watch ¬ w ¬

Asmodeus: ... I'm not sure there should be kids here if we watch that one Sir. Ksh hehe~

Florian: ¬¬;;;; I'm not a kid. I'm okay to watch it, what's it called by the way?

Basil: Brokeback Mountain.   ..... Are we seriously going to watch that? :icondorianglareplz:

Roosevelt: *goes to sit nearby Basil* Don't worry I'll hug you if you get scared :eyes:

Executioner: *stuffing himself on popcorns*

Requiem: *simply watches* = A = story of my life...

Executioner: the movie?

Requiem: pretty much.

Florian: What is it about???

Basil: :iconkanosmirk2plz: Just sit back.

Yuri: I think I'll skip the meeting tonight guys... I... just remembered I left the blood boiling *slowly backs away*

Sasha: When you come back, make sure to bring vodka da? o U o~

Azazel: Pshhh innocent souls :iconsatoshismirkplz:

12.) 4 and 5 have a karaoke contest. What happens? Who wins?

Requiem: I just never imagined you singing O - O

Executioner: *grins* .... What did you want to sing then?

Requiem: What.... should shinigamis sing?? :iconharuthinkplz:

Executioner: *shrug* :iconthinkcookiesplz::iconorekithinkplz:

Requiem: Fuck it... Let's sing death metal = 7 =

Executioner: Okay~ :iconmakasmileplz:

*both of them* :iconhead-bang-plz:

13.) If you could meet any of your OC's, who would you choose?

XD Well!!!...... I don't know because the characters I'd rather meet are Either Shoku, Lesley, Gabriel * - *.... You know, specially Shoku!!! <333 or Gabriel cause he's hilarious! andIreallywanttocomplainathimformarkingmeforlife:stare:

But yess, if it had to be one of mine it would be.......Probably Asmodeus or Sasha U u U; or Yuri too~

14.) 10, 2, 3, 5, and 9 go to the zoo for the day.. What nonsense do they get into?

Victor: I really want to go see the wales mate. Can we like, go there?

Yuri: ..... For the last time Victor. There. Are. NO. wales.... IN THE ZOO :stare:

Azazel: I want to see a dragon n W n~

Yuri: :icontokiyafacepalmplz: Oh my god.

Executioner: *looking around* We could decide it all on the cafeteria.... yes?

Sasha: *blink* Do they have vodka in there? If they do I want to go there ; U ;

15.) 7, 1, and 4 see a rainbow and decide to try and find the leprechaun with the pot of gold. Do they succeed in their mission?

Basil: I see a rainbow.

Asmodeus: *looks up* Uhm? It's true.. they say that if you reach a rainbow's end, there will be a pot of gold Ksh hehe~

Requiem: :iconsomoeplz: Really!!? Let's go find it!! :iconsachanyayplz:

Basil: That's stupid--

Asmodeus: Ksh heheh~ Good Idea U u U.... I never thought a shinigami could get one

Requiem: Whatwasthat?? :stare:

Asmodeus: *clears throat* Oh my!...Is that gold I spot?? :iconiseeplz:

Requiem: :iconwhatwhereplz: Where!?

Asmodeus: :iconbuzzeverywhereplz: Everywhere~

((Meta-world Ba-chan: ¬ . ¬ Of course they don't succeed. That's bullshit. ))

16.) 1 and 2 are stuck in Australia somehow. How do they get out?... Or do they?

Asmodeus: *looking at the Horizon* ..... Desert and Kangaroos... But hopefully we'll find the bay if we walk that way Sir. *turns around* Sir??

Yuri: :iconcartoon-rollplz: Get the sun off me!!! Get it off!!!

17.)  5 discovers 7 drawing a Yaoi picture of 5 and 1. What does 5 do?

Executioner: *randomly walks in* Good Evening Mr. Ba-chan...... 

Basil: *busy busy busy drawing and sketching*

Executioner: :iconcuriousityplz: Huh? *approaches to see* What is---- :iconisanamiwutplz:

Basil: *looks up* :iconhkisblushingplz: *covers sketch* My OTP now go do your stuff please--

Executioner: Was that me and your bro--??

Basil: :iconcherenblush3plz: I'm pretty sure you had something to do????

Executioner: *grins* You're right.... *walks off awkwardly*

18.) 6, 8, 9, 10, and 4 go to a Lady Gaga concert. What happens?

Florian: J-just like with Roosevelt... I can't tell if they're male or woman :iconstewieshockplz:

Roosevelt: :iconmomoshockedplz: I'm way more fabulous than that Kiddo!!

Sasha: Can't say I'm not having fun :iconkhehplz: But I wish we have gone watch a boy band rather to be honest

Victor: Hah! I knew you swung that way :iconhehpolandplz: 

Sasha: Pffft that has nothing to do with it! :iconkanohmphplz:

Requiem: Can't read my- Can't read my- No he can't read my poker face~ :iconpockydanceplz:

19.) Everyone is mad at you! What did you do? How will you get them to forgive you?

I made them do stupid things ¬ w ¬ and dress as maids~~~ .... They will forgive me because they secretly love it :eyes:

20.) 4 and 3 play a prank on 10. What do they do?

Requiem: Victor! I'm your mother!

Victor: :iconwhyyyyyyyyplz: what!?

Azazel: And I'm your father!

Victor:  :iconjustwhysaikoplz: My life is a lie!

21.) Now that this Meme is over, what will you all do?

Asmodeus: We'll go to Hell's party Ladies and gentleman! :iconkanosmirk3plz:

Basil: Adjust your belts!~ :icontakanesmirkplz:

Roosevelt: Or you could loose your pants!~ :iconkanosmirk1plz:

I tag!!~


Because she hasn't done it yet XD... and I tag everyone else who wants to do it U u U
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I believe we're all the same thing, dispersed into little different containers.

..I can't imagine an only reason that's worth hurting someone else....

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I'm certainly disposing to do everything for science, I don't mind the outcomes, big things require big sacrifices, how was I supposed to discover that fire burns without dropping a flower in?

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:iconashhallow: -> My Twin Femrus Emily Anya >W<~~ Ya lebvyu tebya Nyah~

:iconsoulsavage-sketch: -> We're the Crazy pair of pervy Echidnas >XD

:iconclaw-the-wolf: -> My somewhat pervert Brother OuO Hola ke ase?

:iconxxshiver-shivaxx: -> She's my sister, I'm her unwhished brother XD

:iconkawaii-neko16: -> My sexy Sister ;D!!!~

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:iconroxasfan200: -> She holds a special part of my heart for herself ^^

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Not all of them belong to the same family, but they're all part of My family... Beside some of them also relate with eachother like ~La Famille~

Into La Famille there's the awesomes Kikae, Lesley, Shade, Wind, Phaz, Fox, Kay, Demi and Muffin with me, all from the same blood ;D

And Also Us Beloved Legionnairs XD

:iconknuxtiger4: -> My Father
:iconmichiwrap: -> My Mother
:iconbawls34: -> The Crazy Uncle
:iconlizardman22: -> Our Pet
:iconlady-tragedy: -> One of the Twin sisters
:iconuncanny-illustrator: -> The other Twin Sister
:iconwebdisaster01: -> My Brother
:icon0-midnightbioshock-0: -> The distant cousin

And I am the Son ;D

:iconsteam-punkvixen: -> America my Husband :iconrusamehugplz: Ya lebvyu Tebvya, da?

:iconkikaethecheetah: -> Our Son England :iconsnugplz: Nobody touch!

:iconwindclimber-9: -> Our baby Canada :iconslowhugplz: our sweet-heart <3

:iconuniversual-light001: -> Our adopted Son :iconyuihugplz: welcome to the family!

:iconclaw-the-wolf: -> The furniture :iconbeatoplz:

:iconlaunedemon: -> My yet other daughter lol :iconawwtearsplz: One does not simply stop having children

:iconsnowdrop246: -> Our recently new acquisition, the new baby :iconslowhugplz: da~

Well Nobody can touch any member of my family anyway, da? :iconscaryrussiaplz: Don't do it

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